A visual journey

This land depends on your decisions and is divided in ten regions. Each one is different from others with its own inhabitants, landscape, places of interest, legends and story…
The game experience is unique and diversified at every single moment to always excite the player. Along your adventure you may play minigames such as Elytra or races and admire beautiful cutscenes.

An immersive and atypical gameplay

Alteiria enables a great flexibility for the role and the characteristics of your character. You will be propelled in a vibrant gameplay that you can’t find even in current video games. No class, no race, only weapons are the heart of the gameplay. Each weapon grants you characteristics and three spells. Those spells can change from one weapon to another even if they are from the same sort. You will be facing your own decisions to make an ideal profile.

A dynamic and thrilling story

At the beginning was the Ennéalabe, the “divine machinery”, daunting mechanism made of nine huge cogs. The creator and owner of time created natural beauties of Alteiria and breathe life into the world.
Since then, a Terrible Prophecy hovers over Alteiria: “The Ennéalabe will work for nine cycles of ninety nine years each, and will then stop once and for all, causing the end of the world”.
The last cycle’s end is soon. You were born with the symbol of the Ennéalabe on your heart.
What is your place in this terrible prophecy?
What will be your choices?
For Alteiria’s future…

To escort you on your journey, we joined an original soundtrack, composed for Alteiria:

A 3D adventure

Alteiria offers an adventure filled with unique 3D objects. From the crossbow to the scepter, the player benefits from a wide range of weapons entirely designed in 3D. This makes the experience visually more dynamic and immersive. Our builders also use 3D items to enliven your epic adventure.


Questions? Suggestions? We’re here for you

Alteiria is still under development. To bring it to an end, we need your help. Whether you are a construction expert, a skilled developer, a careful musician, a tidy graphic designer and above all a passionate, your expertise is welcome to carry out this ambitious project and unite a community around an innovative server.

To apply, simply fill out this form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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